Our Services

Groundwater Exploration

At waterstone, we employ the use of several geophysical methods such as resistivity tomography, seismic refraction, vertical electrical sounding (Schlumberger array) and horizontal profiling (Wenner array) for groundwater investigation which gives a clue of what to be expected before the drilling exercise. Over the years, we have built platform of trust to all our clients by creating lasting solutions to water problem through engaging our experts to unravel the misery of water using world class technology in choosing the best points just before the commencement of drilling. This allows our work to be unique among other companies and deliver solution to suit the taste of our customers.

Delivering quality and highly recommendable job is the hallmark of our work at Waterstone. Our dedication to let people have access to clean water is highly intense and glaring in which can be summed up to be our mantra “Solving water challenges, doing the needful and keeping it simple”. Our success is due to the skillset, experience and character of our staff, many of whom have been trained by professionals in the field.

Borehole Drilling and Maintenance

Our borehole drilling machinery, personnel, and practices guarantee your access to that odourless, colourless and tasteless water. We ensure you invest wisely as we offer groundwater investigation by adopting geophysical methods (electrical resistivity method and EM method) before drilling begins to check if the site is viable enough to produce the optimum drinking and usable water. Furthermore, we have completed work for various government departments as sub- contractor such as Federal Ministry of Environments, Federal Ministry of Education, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission and Border Community Development Agency. We have also done numerous projects in the private sector for farmers, Ngos, at residential properties, hospitals and in rural areas.

Our team has more than 25 years of knowledge and expertise in this trade of business and all of our team members have a passion for what they do. Their outstanding experience and expertise are the foundation on which we build our reputation.

Water Quality Management

Waterstone offers an integrated approach to water quality management, tailoring the application of our specialist expertise in hydrology/ hydraulics/hydrogeology and geochemistry to the particular needs of the domestic/industrial/agricultural facility concerned. Our extensive experience in different climatic region enables us to provide cost effective, practical solutions for your project.

Our multi-specialist approach to water quality management involves biologists, chemists and engineers with expertise in a wide range of technologies, approaches and concepts.

Environmental Studies

Do you know proactive environmental planning can save you a lot of money? What kind of environmental challenges are you facing? How do you minimize your liabilities? Waterstone experts have the specific experience you need to satisfy the regulations and apply cost effective, technically sound solutions to your environmental challenges.

Our major targets:

  • Detection of buried drums and UST’s
  • Mine & spoil dump investigation
  • Contamination plume mapping
  • Landfill design input
  • Characterization of abandoned landfills

Mineral Exploration

We are a globally recognized leader in ore body modelling, resource audits, database management, process design and technical report preparation, review and audit for a wide suite of commodities. Waterstone offers support at every stage of exploration. Our mineral exploration include:

Our major targets:

  • Deposit reconnaissance
  • Deposit evaluation
  • Overburden mapping
  • Mapping of geological structures

Engineering Site Investigation

We provide geotechnical engineering for buildings and structures of all scales notably for complex, high rise and large scale projects, in all types of locations. Our geotechnical team is a highly-qualified, enthusiastic group of experts. Our expertise extends to specialists area that influence the whole life of a projects- from concept design to post-construction monitoring- and involve close liaison with other engineer disciplines: an approach that maximize project value while managing the risk.

Our major targets:

  • Bedrock profiling
  • Soil and rock engineering properties
  • Foundation investigations
  • Overburden homogeneity
  • Mapping shallow mine workings
  • Investigating Karst structures
  • Locating faults & fracture zone